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Review Process


  • Protocols are reviewed by either designated or full committee review.
  • Designated reviews are completed by at least one IACUC member.
  • Full committee review involves primary and secondary reviewers presenting to the full committee at a convened committee meeting.

Review process path infographicCommittee members are provided access to all submissions. The Chair/designee appoints a small subset of members as designated reviewers of each submission. Most submissions fall under designated review, which does not have a submission deadline. Some submissions are designated for full committee review (FCR), and require review at a convened meeting of the IACUC. Protocols describing work with primates, food and/or water restriction of any species and other special review items (as defined in the policy on IACUC Review of Animal Study Protocols and Addenda Requests) are automatically sent for FCR. Protocols meeting the criteria for FCR must be submitted 10 days before a scheduled meeting. All protocols are fully re-reviewed every 3 years.


IACUC approval means that animal work approved in the protocol may begin. The PI may order animals from the Center for Comparative Medicine (CCM). Project personnel may gain access to the animal facilities. The PI may talk to Sponsored Research (SR) about opening accounts to spend grant awards.

Details about approval:

  • The IACUC approves protocols for a three-year period, even if sponsored funding is for a longer term.
  • A de novo (new) protocol must be submitted to the IACUC prior to the end of the initial three-year approval period to avoid inactivation.