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Please follow these FOUR STEPS to complete IACUC training for handling and caring for animals prior to being approved on an Animal Study Protocol (ASP).

*Note: Step 2 and Step 3 can be performed concurrently.


You must have a NetID from your school/department and a Northwestern-affiliated email address.

Ask your department or go to this NetID website for more information. If you have additional questions, please contact the IACUC Office at

STEP 2: AALAS Training

All AALAS Training Courses must be completed by EACH individual listed on an ASP or an addendum prior to being submitted to the IACUC.

  1. Visit the AALAS Learning Library. (Using Firefox or Chrome as a web browser.)
  2. Select “Northwestern University” as your organization, and login with your NetID and password. You will be added to the NU waitlist. 
  3. Complete the AALAS Training Request Form
  4. The IACUC Office will  review your form and assign you the required coursework within AALAS. You will receive an email notification that the courses requested have been assigned to you. 
  5. To complete the assigned courses: Log back into the AALAS Learning Library and click on “Assignments” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. All required courses will be listed, including required species-specific courses. 

Select the species (below) that you will be working with to view a summary reference list of all required training including the AALAS courses. 

For species which require hands-on CCM courses, please go to the CCM Training Classes webpage for scheduling information.

STEP 3: Occupational Health Services (OHS) Program Enrollment

All individuals listed on an ASP must initiate the OHS process prior to IACUC submission. This process may occur concurrently with the IACUC review and approval process.

Official approval will not be granted unless enrollment requirements are met. All personnel must renew OHS enrollment every three years. 

A. Everyone must complete the Enrollment Authorization Form

  • Complete the Enrollment Authorization Form.
  • Notify your PI that they must check their inbox for an email from DocuSign; they will need to provide a signature to validate your enrollment request. Your enrollment will not proceed until this step is complete.

B. Select the campus to complete your OHS health questionnaire:

If you work on the

Complete the Corporate Health Medical Questionnaire

Upon receipt of the enrollment authorization form, you will be sent a direct email with a link from Corporate Health containing the Corporate Health Medical Questionnaire for Accessing Animal Facilities.

If you work on the

Complete the OMEGA Health Medical Questionnaire*

Download the Evanston questionnaire and submit it by e-mail to two recipients: and or deliver it by hand for review and clearance to: NorthShore OMEGA 2150 Pfingsten Rd #3000, Glenview, IL 60026
*Please send this form to NorthShore OMEGA and NOT to the IACUC Office

STEP 4: Ask your PI to add you to the applicable protocols before you begin any animal work.

All staff must be listed on an approved protocol.

  • An addendum to add new personnel to a protocol must be approved prior to requesting CCM facility access

I've completed all IACUC Onboarding requirements, what's next? 

eIACUC TRAINING for PI Proxy or Lab Editors

Submit an eIACUC Training & Assistance Request Form to schedule your training session with one of our eIACUC Specialists.  

eIACUC Training & Assistance Request Form

General Training Checklists