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eIACUC Updates

eIACUC upgrades are coming!  System upgrades are necessary to support the eIACUC platform.  The upgrade will include a new design, feel, and user experience.  New features include a sidebar navigation panel, a central dashboard within the laboratory login, as well as changes to the reviewer comment function.  The IACUC Office is offering a pre-review and training, so please consider registering for one of these dates: 

IACUC Open House

Please stay tuned - more information will be made available when the next IACUC Open House event is scheduled.


IACUC Orientation and Refresher

This educational event is designed for new and experienced laboratory members. It is a fantastic opportunity to get acquainted with or refreshed with the history of the IACUC regulations and learn about policies, guidelines, and procedures. Please mark your calendars for the next IACUC Orientation and Refresher, scheduled for: