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Post Approval Monitoring (PAM)


The IACUC’s PAM Team reviews active protocols to ensure research is being conducted in accordance with what is written and approved within each protocol.

PAM is conducted as collegially and informally as possible by the PAM Team and is an opportunity for investigators (PIs and/or research personnel) to request any help or information they may need regarding IACUC Office processes. The resultant report is maintained by the IACUC Office and provided to the IACUC. Follow-up visits are conducted to document that any findings highlighted during the first visit have been rectified.


  • Protocols are selected randomly, for cause, or as a result of a request by veterinary staff, animal care staff, or lab personnel.
  • PAM Team personnel visit the laboratory and the facility where the animals are housed. A veterinarian may also participate in the visit.
  • Procedures on the selected protocol(s) are observed and any drift from the approved protocol(s) is noted.
  • The investigators are given the opportunity to make corrections by modifying techniques or by submitting an amendment to their protocol(s).

Any questions or concerns regarding the PAM Program should be addressed to