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Post Approval Monitoring (PAM)


The IACUC’s Post Approval Monitoring (PAM) Team reviews active protocols to ensure research is conducted in accordance with what is written and approved in the animal study protocol (ASP). The PAM Team promotes the program with a collegiate and informal approach. Additionally, PAM offers investigators (PI’s and/or research personnel) assistance and resources to successfully navigate IACUC policies, and processes.   


  • Laboratories may be selected randomly, for cause, at the request of the IACUC, veterinary staff, animal care staff, lab personnel, or based on PAM rounds. 
  • PAM Team personnel visit the laboratory (if applicable) and the facility where the animals are housed, and procedures are performed. Veterinary staff may also participate in the visit. 
  • Procedures on the selected protocol(s) are observed and any drift from the approved protocol(s) is noted. 
  • Procedures and protocols may be reviewed by the PAM team in lieu of or in addition to an observation. The PAM Team may provide protocol change recommendations to ensure consistency, avoid duplicative information, and/or increase flexibility within the ASP.  
  • The investigators are given the opportunity to make corrections by modifying techniques and/or by submitting an amendment to their protocol(s).  


  • The PAM Team hosts a monthly IACUC Orientation and Refresher that provides a history of the regulations and highlights a few IACUC Policies and Guidelines. 
  • The PAM team offers educational and training opportunities on IACUC and CCM Policies, Guidelines, and SOPs.  
  • The PAM Team may reach out to laboratories to offer education events based on IACUC request, CCM request, IACUC Inspection findings, PAM facility rounds or at the request of laboratories.