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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I create and submit a protocol?

Q. Will my protocol require Full Committee Review (FCR) at the monthly IACUC meeting?

Q. How do I amend my protocol?

Q. What is an under review letter? How do I obtain one?

  • Once a protocol is submitted, the IACUC Office can provide a letter stating that the protocol is under review with an anticipated approval date. This letter is available upon request and can demonstrate to your funding agency that the protocol approval is in process.

Q. If I have a question regarding the status of my protocol, who do I contact?

  • Call the IACUC mainline at 312-503-9339 or email and we will provide you with an update.

Q. What happens when I have not made any requested modifications within my protocol after 60 days?

  • Although at least one reminder will be sent before any action is taken, when protocol submissions, including amendments, have been inactive because the PI or PI Proxy have not taken action (i.e. in the “Returned for Modifications” or “Changes Required by Coordinator” state) for 60 days, that protocol or amendment is subject to administrative withdrawal. In the case of amendments, the entire protocol will not be inactivated or withdrawn, only that particular amendment.

Q. Who do I contact if I am having trouble making revisions within my protocol?

  • Please make sure that your name appears in the “PI Proxy” section on the “Study Personnel” page within your protocol. This field allows permission to edit and submit protocols. If you are not listed as a PI Proxy on the “Study Personnel” page of the protocol you are attempting to edit, the PI or listed PI Proxy will then be required to submit a personnel amendment to allow access to make protocol edits. If you have any further questions or if the previous PI Proxy has already left the lab, please contact the IACUC Office for further assistance.

Q. Will I be able to view my protocol once it has been inactivated or withdrawn?

  • Yes, the entire protocol (and associated procedures and substances) will still remain within your PI Library, but you will be unable to make edits or reactivate the protocol after inactivation/withdrawal.